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A Victorian inspired wedding!

I have new orders coming up for 2015 and new brides or bridal couples can contact me for an appointment! You can never be too early discussing the dreamoutfits you wish to wear on your very special day!Drop me a line at info @ larosecouture .com

These gowns were inspired by 3 periods from the Victorian Era. Crinoline, Natural form and Turn of the Century. Modern meets Elegance from the past!
These dresses are for sale or can be orderd to your size and wishes, please contact me via my email info @ larosecouture. com

A dreamy wedding shoot on a beautiful location!
Our wonderfull team:
Clothing and accesoires: La Rose Couture
Location: Kasteel Altembrouck
Model: Marye Way
Photographer: Pierre Empireart
Make up artist: Julia Leszczyk
Hairstylist: Cynthia Veenman
Set dresser: Adriana Bowditch Boek
Decor: Talking Tables ( La Rose Decor)
Flowers: Patrick Jansen
Cakes: Ilse Habraken-Boetzkes
Video: Matthijs Brink
Backstage photography: Michael Habraken


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Wedding Pictures!!!

On the 20th of July I finally married the love of my life! We just came back from an amazing honeymoon in Thailand, many beautiful silks were purchased! These silks will be transformed and gowns and outfits and ofcourse will be shown here.

My gown was made by Cecilia Hanselmann from Au Trait Galant, my and my husbands was hair done by Madame de Pompadour and my make up by Everywhair!!
Cake made by the wonderfull Silly Bakery.
Shoes handmade by Miroslav.

Outfit from my husband is made by La Rose Couture, only silks and linnens were used!
Green waistcoat, the front is made from a reproduction of an 18th century silk by Duran Textiles, the back was made from dupionu silk and fully lined with linnen.
Shirt is also made from a fine quality linnen and edged with white, French cotton lace at the neckline and cuffs.
Breeches were made from gold/green silk Taffeta and decorated with silk coverd and gold buttons.
Coat is made from an amazing silk brocade decorated with birds of paradise which can be clearly seen on the back, cuffs and front. The coat is fully lined with dupioni silk and embellished with silk, embroiderd and beaded lace. The lace has been appliqued to the cuffs and edge of coat front, fully by hand.
A neckstock was made from linnen and has the period correct, gold coloured buckle.
Accessoires consited of a reproduction, gold-plated, pocket watch and a handmade Fleur-de-Lys earring with a granate bead from 1850. Earrings is made by Elegant Curiosities who also generously gave the Fleur-de-Lys pendants which were used in the my husband hairdo.


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Gothic Victorian Bride!

Originally posted by la_rose_couture at Gothic Victorian Bride!
This beautfiul Ellipitical skirt, hoopskirt and petticoat where made for a bride!

All new styles are avaible on the site for custom order, click on the pictures to go their page!
The site is also in English, click the link under the pictures.

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Made with good quality fabrics, handwork and alot of love!

The new website has aired!!!

The new La Rose Couture website has aired!!
Availble in Dutch as well as English, change by clicking on the flag.

I offer clothing for Ladies and Gentlemen in the following styles:
-Bridal and Groom wear

I also have a Dutch webshop and for the other countries a DaWanda and Etsy shop!

Feel free to use the contactform or mail me directly at info@larosecouture.com for your questions and order!

www.LaRoseCouture.com, spread the word ;)

A couple of weeks ago I had an amazing shoot with Pierre Leszcyk from Empire Art, Julia Lesczyk who did the great hairdo and model and MUA Sèraphine Strange!
The location was Kasteel Oost who has their own International Butler Academy, which resulted in great service and very appetising lunch and always a drink ready.

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Wow, less than a week since I've had no choice but to switch to moderated entries, and I'm already rejecting spam. I'm hoping to switch back to open posting after a while (I find that all of the genuine members here are polite and on-topic), but I'll keep screening until the spammers get the message.

Wedding & Engagement rings set

Relisted. Now it's cheaper.


14 karat white gold engagement ring and band

The engagement ring has a small marquis cut white diamond.

The side stones are heart-shaped; one is a garnet (deep red) and the other is amethyst (purple).

The band is undecorated.


Purple Madame de Lamballe Bridal gown

 This Bridal outfit is made for  lady in love with purple and pearls!

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Esty Treasuries

Dear Fellow Goth-Wedding-ers...

Bit of a mouthful there! So I'm a Goth, but currently single and not looking. However, window shopping is my thing. And if you haven't yet discovered it, Etsy is my super-favourite place to window shop.

As such, I've put together a few treasuries here, which might appeal to a few of you, particularly if you're looking for something a bit dramatic or 'alt-wedding'. It's largely jewellery and clothing but it might inspire you or send you in a different direction. Or you might discover a shop which will make *just* what you're looking for.

I've seen a couple of people here posting treasuries which sadly expired, but the beauty of Etsy's new beta system is that they stay around for-ever / until the curator decides to ditch them. And they can be updated.

If any of you are on Etsy, I'd love to see what you make. Me, I'm a would-be crafter but I'm usually devoid of inspiration, turn to Etsy for ideas and realise what I could do would never look as good as what others do!

Happy hunting

Ebb x

New Victorian Bridal wear!

This couple married last year, but because of the big move, I haven't had time to update these.

Pictures and more of the Bridal wear!!!Collapse )More pictures of Victorian Bridal wear!Collapse )More pictures of the Victorian Bridal wear!Collapse )