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Gothic Wedding Ideas Community

ideas for spooky and non-traditional weddings

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This is a community to share ideas for gothic/dark/spooky weddings. Use this community to get or suggest ideas for interesting weddings and to make new friends. Lurking is welcome, but introductions are encouraged. Anyone interested the subject is welcome, not just brides-to-be! While we focus on goth weddings, all ideas are welcome. We welcome couples of all religions, sexual orientations, and social affiliations/scenes. Please be respectful of all, if not you'll be removed from the community. Please post large or multiple graphics behind an LJ-CUT.

Adverts for communities and shops/auctions are welcome so long as they are on-topic.

We are currently in the process of creating a links list, feel free to suggest some.


Cudge Candles.
Camia Designs headpieces.
Send Black Roses floral arrangements.
Purple Fairy Invitations.
Crimson Empress Clothing
My Lords and Ladies
Visabella Mythic Clothing
The Gallery Serpentine: Bridal Collection
Victorian Bridal
Moresca Medieval Garb
Art of Adornment
Yosa Gowns
Halloweddings: a compendium of links
Gothic Weddings: a Las Vegas firm that does horror/goth weddings
Angara -- rings and jewelery
Ice.com -- rings and jewelery

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