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Hello. I was just wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of some websites that sell unique engagement and wedding rings? Im having a tough time finding anything that really stands out. Thanks!

Lovely wedding

This wedding was recently posted on both Wedinator and Goths in Hot Weather:


for sale

(copy and paste)

the size is 16/ 18/ 20 US,   breast size up to 115 cm, length from shoulder to floor: 150cm
unique piece, handmade by me in crushed velvet and stretch lace

New art!

(x-posted to wedd_unusual & alternative_wed)

The friend who designed my dress is a gothic clothing designer. She asked me to wear my dress in a fashion show for her last weekend. She did such a great job on the dress & corset that I felt like I owed her one. I didn't really care about anyone seeing me in the dress before the wedding (it's this August) but holy crap fashion shows are boring! Wearing the dress (and steaming it / hanging it afterward) got me back on my wedding frenzy though, so I thought I would share some picts of it.

Dun dun dunnnnnn... Picts!Collapse )


I MADE A NEW BLOG FOR MY CREATIONS: http://divamadison.skyrock.com/

Feb. 2nd, 2010

My best friend just made a site for you goths and rivits people out there to checkout!

Its a brand new index for clubs,bands,independent sellers...etc to post.
Please feel free to post up your local Goth clubs,Nights,Venues!
Let us know whats going on in the darkness!

We are so excited to launch this new site to inform everyone where to go when your looking for that something uber special to check out!


Hi and Purple

Hi Everyone! I am Gerry and I run a company called Morúa Designs. I make corsets, off-beat fashion and unique mostly gothic inspired wedding gowns.

I wanted to share the wedding outfit I made for the lovely and wonderful purplegril. I posted this outfit on the corsetry community and discipuladc encouraged me to post it here as well. She wanted purple, but also wanted it to be elegant and suitable for a wedding. So this is what we came up with.

Because this is a wedding community, I'll add a bit about the wedding here as well. This dress was special, because the client was my friend as well as client, that doesn't happen very often and it makes the whole process even more fun for me.
They had a humanist ceremony, set in a beautifully decorated (lots of purple) tent in her parent's farm in the English country side. After the ceremony tea and scones were served on an assortment of tea cups and serving trays found at charity shops all over England! Out on the lawn she had an assortment of giant games to play with including a massive Jenga. There was also a bouncy castle that all the goths played in! In the evening she had a hog-roast and lots of beautiful cake. If you are interested in seeing more of the wedding they have a great bunch of photos on Flickr gallery.

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for a dark xmas or your wedding....